Could not load some items problem.

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Could not load some items problem.

Post by Annabeth on Wed 16 Jul 2014, 11:40

I really hope this thread wasnt started already, because I've spent enough looking for it.
My problem started after installing "The Sims 3 - 70's 80's 90's stuff".
I have like 5 other expansions installed, but didn't have that problem before.
I've tried 2 versions of the mentioned expansion..
If you have any idea, then PLEASE don't hestitate and post it here.
I'm really desperate.
Also, I'm a beginner, so if you explain anything.. try to do it as simply as possible.  Noob 
Thanks for reading.


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Re: Could not load some items problem.

Post by Webmaster on Thu 17 Jul 2014, 14:21

Hello Annabeth,

Welcome to the Games4theworld Forum!
Can you be a little bit more specific, please. What items are not showing up/loading? And where? (In your inventory, when placed, Buy mode, etc.)

I don't know much about in-game issues, but it makes it easier for other people to help you.

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