GUIDE: Horses, Riding and Competitions

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GUIDE: Horses, Riding and Competitions

Post by Taikira on Thu 17 Jul 2014, 06:14

The Sims Plumbob 1HORSES, RIDING AND COMPETITIONSThe Sims Plumbob 1

-Adopted unicorns start with Lv10 Racing and Jumping, bred unicorns tend to require some training.
-The only difference between a Lv10 Racing&Jumping horse and a unicorn is the unicorn lives 3 times as long.
-Unicorns cannot be bred at the Equestrian Center. You must have another horse to breed with.
-Unicorns cannot be sold. You can however release them into the wild.
-I've never seen a family move in with a horse(only cats and dogs).
-If a horse stall is added to home lots non player sims may adopt a horse. (They do with Nraas Story Progression)
-Apparently horse ranches are for your use only.. I've had a few sims hang out in front but NO horses.
-Mixed breeding: I'd recommend a unicorn mare paired with a normal stallion. This way when your family is full you can still get money breeding the stallion.
-Agile and Fast only affect skill learning, not competitions. This is probably an oversight.
-Use happiness points on horses you aren't keeping to get the LTR Salt Lick and Stall.
-Wild horses adopted early in your game probably won't have racing maxed. (Late into your game they might.)
-The wish to master Racing/Jumping SHOULD pop when they hit level 9. If it doesn't you can try switching active family and coming back(this WILL DELETE any currently promised wishes but will usually cause a bunch to pop in when you come back).

-Horse cannot learn Friendly trait/loses Friendly trait when doing friendly interactions
-Moving(Save to bin & place on lot) causes loss of Rider of Legends

The only sim trait which helps with skill is Equestrian.
All Sim animal traits conflict with each other. Only one may be chosen between Animal Lover, Cat Person, Dog Person and Equestrian.
Horses also interact better when sims have matching/equivalent traits. Direct matches are Genius and Brave. Equivalent matches are Clueless-> Absent Minded, Nervous-> Neurotic, Obedient-> Friendly/Good and Ornery-> Mean spirited/Evil.
Animal LoverGain relationship with any animal faster.
EquestrianLearn Riding skill faster. Horse learns faster. Gain relationship with all horses faster. Horse Playtime(+10) moodlet for socializinging with horses.

If at all possible try to adopt/buy[1] a horse with the Genius trait. If it's a unicorn you adopted your only option for getting Genius is the Attitude Adjustment LTR, however an adopted unicorn may be short on happiness points as it doesn't have a chance at the "Master Skill" wishes.
The other three desirable traits are Fast, Agile, and Obedient and all can be trained.
AggressiveYesFriendlyMore likely to fight, catch burglars or chase mailman.
AgileYesHates JumpingHorse. Learn Jumping faster and more likely to interact with jumps autonomously. Require more exercise.
BraveNo[2]NervousLess likely to panic.
CluelessNoGeniusLearn skills and traits slower.
FastYesLazyLearn racing faster. Require more exercise.
FriendlyYes[3]AggressiveRelationships increase faster. Socialize/Nuzzle.
GeniusNoCluelessLearn skills faster. Increased change from praising/scolding.
Hates JumpingYesAgileLearn jumping slower and more likely to refuse jumps. Autonomously knocks down obstacles.
LazyNoFastLearn racing slower. Gets fatigued and tired faster.
NeatYesPiggyLikes being clean. Praise for grooming.
NervousYesBraveMore likely to panic.
NoisyYesQuietLikes making noise.
ObedientYesOrneryLess likely to throw rider, kick or reject socials. Praise for accepting socials.
OrneryYesObedientMore likely to throw rider, kick or reject socials.
PiggyYesNeatLikes overeating and being dirty.
PlayfulYesNoneLikes to play. Fun[4] changes faster.
QuietNo[5]NoisyDoesn't like making noise.
ShyNoNonePrefers socializing with highest relationship. Learns faster with favorite sim.
UntrainedNoNoneRequires higher relationship to saddle/ride.
All negative(red) traits lower your horse's value while positive(green) traits increase it.
Opposite traits usually cancel each other out. Brave/Nervous and Clueless/Genius are not coded as opposites so can coexist.
Performing jumps adds 10 points to Agile(takes 15 from Hates Jumping). I THINK you need 50 points to learn traits and negative traits start you at -50.
Fast: Queuing multiple Train for Racing commands and cancel each one as soon as the horse runs through the posts once(I only used one set). It should take about 5 interactions.
Agile: This triggers easiest on the cavaletti jump trainers(all jumps seem to give the same reinforcement but trainers only require one command and your horse will jump till it's tired).
Obedient: Less important than the other two. Praise for accepting socials/being handled. I think you can only train this by reinforement.
BREEDING: My foals tend to recieve traits from the parents. Having less traits on the parents SHOULD enable you to steer traits for foals towards the ones you want most.
Foals can only learn traits. Once they age up they usually have inherited some of the parents' skills.

1: Horses bought at the Equestrian Center come with 2-4 traits and have an increased chance for Genius, Fast and Agile.
2: Brave behavior cannot be reinforced but Nervous behavior(panic) can be scolded.
3: Friendly is broken for horses in general(or just in my game) based on my experience- I spent a sim week chasing various sims with my horse rotating nuzzle and socialize without learning it, then with another horse that HAD the friendly trait I told it to nuzzle another horse for a wish and it LOST the friendly trait!
4: Horses do not have a visible Fun bar, but they still get the related moodlets so I assume it's hidden rather than non-existant.
5: Quiet behavior cannot be reinforced but Noisy behavior(nicker) can be scolded.
RESOURCES: DoJump_GameObject ITUN  Values for trait reinforcement
                  Traits XML                       Can Train field is based on this.

Skills are labeled with the earliest age state they can be learned.

There is a Riding class offered at the Equestrian Center for $500 which takes 120 minutes(2h) to complete and will raise your skill level by 1.
Sims can also read skill books all the way to level 10(Level 2 is sufficient to train with your horse). The first book costs $50 and should take 430 minutes(7h 10m) to hit level 2 for a non-Bookworm.
Riders gain skill from Riding, Training for Racing and Jumping obstacles on horseback. The cavaletti does nothing for riders.
021350Gallop, Race Training, Jump Courses, Racing Competitions
032400Jumping Competitions
055700Bareback riding
068400Cross Country Competitions
0711700Heroic Pose (mounted)
0815600Adopt wild horses
1027000Friendly(horse) interaction: Whisper
Equestrian ChampionWin 20 Advanced/International competitionsRecieve extra prize money from competitions
Mustang MasterAdopt 3 Wild Horses(Unicorns don't count)When adopting wild horses you choose one trait to add
Horse FriendHave 10 Best Friend horsesHorses rarely refuse interactions(includes wild horses)
Rider of LegendsWin an International competition in each categoryOBJECT: Statue(2x2)
Rider of Legends statue- there will be no pop up about it but it WILL show up in your family inventory

Racing Posts are required to train Racing.
021012Jockey Training Tone
031800Advanced Racing & Cross Country Competitions
042925Endurance Training Tone, Faster Gallop
054275Pumped Pony Moodlet(from training for racing)
066300Hard Gallop Training Tone
078775International Racing & Cross Country Competitions
0811700Perfect Pace Training Tone
1020250Fastest Gallop
Champion RacehorseWin 15 Advanced/International competitionsIncrease value of horse and offspring
Long Distance RunnerGallop for 20,000 metersRunning with the Wind moodlet
(from galloping)
Endurance EquineSpend 15 hours training for racingNo fatigue from race training
(OR jumping obstacles)

The training tone selected when using the riding posts changes skill gains, horse fatigue and horse thirst.
Once you unlock it use the Endurance tone to unlock Endurance Equine, then switch to whichever tone suits your current needs.
Hard Gallop225%150%200%200%
Perfect Pace175%125%115%100%
RESOURCE: TrainingPosts_0x8b4aabde19e014e1

The Cavaletti trainer is necessary for the first level after which you can switch to obstacles. Of course it is best to gain a few extra levels before using obstacles since your success rate will be low at first. You'll also want Endurance Equine to jump obstacles as your horse won't get fatigued.
At 5Jumping+2Riding or 4Jumping+6Riding you are guarunteed success on the Gate. The Wall needs 6J+6R, the Oxer 8J+6R, and the Triple Bar 9J+6R. When you never fail you don't have to dismount to fix your obstacle.
Even at level 10 a horse only has at most a 95% chance of jumping an obstacle by itself. A rider can boost the chance to 100% for most jumps(80% on Fire Wall and 60% on Fire Ring).
031800Advanced Jumping & Cross Country Competitions
054275Nothing But Air Moodlet(from flawless jump)
078775International Jumping & Cross Country Competitions
Jumping StarWin 15 Advanced/International competitionsIncrease value of horse and offspring
Tireless LeaperAttempt 150 jumps on obstaclesNo fatigue from jump training
Frequent FlyerMake 250 flawless jumps over obstaclesWill never refuse jump
(still may fail)

The first row for each jump is the flawless jump chance while the second is the generic jump chance- by adding these two numbers together you can determine your horse's overall chance of success using a given jump. The third row is the additional chance for a rider of given skill and is only added to overall chance when the horse is being ridden. As the Cavaletti only has "perfect" jumps(not counted for either jump challenge) and riders neither gain nor contribute for jumps, it only has the flawless row.
The skill column shows skill points gained by the horse(1st and 2nd rows) and rider(3rd row) for each jump.
Triple Bar2000%0%0%0%0%10%30%40%60%80%90%
Fire Wall2500%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%10%30%50%
Fire Ring2500%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%10%30%
250 0%0%0%0% 0%0%0%0%0%5%5%
Based on in game descriptions I believe Emerald's Gaze is the "Scary" jump.
RESOURCES: Cavaletti_0x34aa274c639392b9 XML        Success rates & skill points
                  GateJump_0x824bbc7533aed347 XML       Success rates & skill points
                  WallJump_0x4b2a31fd79f97a46 XML         Success rates & skill points
                  OxerJump_0x1d491ff51af8e772 XML         Success rates & skill points
                  TripleBarJump_0xde4d04c6fae7fc09 XML   Success rates & skill points
                  WaterJump_0x09fba07b52cc4cd7 XML      Success rates & skill points
                  ScaryJump_0x7ab6078bf5f0dac2 XML       Success rates & skill points
                  FireWallJump_0x74138bae4412317a XML   Success rates & skill points
                  FireRingJump_0x1f3bfba32b4c88c8 XML    Success rates & skill points

Mood is a small component of success in competitions so I compiled this list of moodlets for riders and horses.
My horse seemed to train slightly longer when he had positive moodlets as well. This is not a major difference.
Some moodlets requiring actions may be immediately interrupted and still give you the boost.
Starred items can also be added via Nraas Master Controller(cheating).
Also included is a short spa guide listing the specific options, costs and times for each moodlet below.

Sim moodlets that last for at least 5 hours, are guarunteed to succeed and relatively easy.
*Attractive105hMirror: Gussy Up
Aura of Soothing20-40PERMActive Aura of Soothing; Skill based
*Charitable10-5024hGood/Evil only. Donate $ to a charity($1k=30)
Completely At Ease757dSpaPackage
*Divine Meal757dAmbrosia
Energized By Moonlight20-40NightFairy: moon phase
*Eternal JoyPERMGenieWish[1]: Happiness
*Eternally Faithful[2]20PERMDon't cheat on partner(20d)
*Faithful[2]10PERMDon't cheat on partner(12d)
*Feeling Lucky523hHorse(Lucky Mount)/Lucky trait
*Fulfilled15+6hComplete a wish
*Full of Life508hNectar made with Life Fruit
*Genius IQ1012hBrainEnhancingMachine2.0: Genius IQ
"Good" Nectar[4]25[5]8hDrink Perfect quality nectar
*Got Kissed At Kissing Booth308hBe kissed at kissing booth
*Having A Blast408hMax Fun
*High Fertility2024hFemale only. MassageTable: Romantic
*I Am The Greatest258hTheFox: Admire(must belong to sim)
Life Is Sweet206hEat perfect honey
Mark of the _ Dragon206hHold a dragon
*Minty Breath54hFloor Hygienator[3]
*Nailed It2012hAce aptitude test
*New Friend208hMake a friend
*New Identity1024hBrainEnhancingMachine2.0: Personality
*Nice Nails20[6]2dSpaSalon:
*Read A Masterpiece2024hRead a masterpiece
*Rune Charm2012hPurple Dragon
Smooth Skin302dSpaFacial:
*Someone To Watch Over Me102dRecieve promise to protect
*Squeaky Clean107h[7]Max Hygiene
*Stylin'20PERMStylistCareer: Lv10
*Sugar Rush154hFrom Nectar; Freezes Fun
*Threw a Raging Party4524hHaving a great party[8]
*Tranquil108hFloor Hygienator[3]
*Unicorn Blessing408hUnicorn: Bless Fauna
*Vampiric Vigor15NightVampire
*Very Fresh Clothing2516h[7]High end washer
*Warm Fuzzies155hAngelFood; Nectar made with 3 Flame Fruit
*Well Rested10-3010hWake with Max Energy: Comfort level
*Werewolf!30PERMWerewolf Form
*Winner!258hWin fight(or game)
There are numerous additional moodlets, but these are the easiest/longest lasting.
Perm moodlets(Eternal Joy/Stylin') are removed if you move. The only method I know of restoring them is by using Nraas Master Controller.
Night starts at 6pm and lasts until 5am. This means even starting a race at 5 you will get the bonus as races last more than an hour(80m).
A Perfect nectar made with at least 1 Life Fruit and 3 Flame Fruit will give you Full of Life, "Good" Nectar, Warm Fuzzies and Sugar Rush for a total of +105 Mood.

Massage>Deep Tissue$5002h+75Relaxed
Facial>Seaweed$5001.5h+30Smooth Skin
Body Treatment>Volcanic Bath$15002h+100Rejuvenated
Salon>Mani/Pedi/Soak$1001h+20Nice Nails
Package>Soothing Salvation$75006h+175Completely At Ease, Rejuvenated
NOTE: Times are from charge for service to when moodlet occurs as you walk out the door. Traveling time not included as it will vary by the details of each players game. If selecting multiple services your sim will exit and reenter the spa between each service.

Horse moodlets that last for at least one race.
*Brushed156hCare: Brush
*Extra Nutritious156hEat Hay
*Fulfilled156hComplete a wish
*Gourmet Horsie204hEat Horse Granola
*Having A Blast408hMax hidden Fun bar
*Hygenic Hooves1524hCare: Clean Hooves
*Mmm Apples403hEat Apple
*Mmm Carrots403hEat Carrot
*New Foal8024hFoal is born in family
*New Friend208hMake a friend
*Nothing But Air302hFlawless jump(Jump Lv5+)
*Pumped Pony302hTrain for Race(Race Lv5+)
*Running With the Wind202hGallop
*Salty Snack1512hSalt Lick(Normal)
*Squeaky Clean1013hMax Hygiene
*Tastes Like Paradise304hCelestial Salt Lick
*Unicorn Blessing408hUnicorn: Bless Fauna
New Foal may not trigger for a horse that isn't it's parent.

1: More than one person can wish for happiness(Eternal Joy) using the same genie
2: Faithfulness moodlets are permanent until one of the sims cheats or dies. These reputations require the sim to only have one relationship ever.
3: Place a set of two(Shower Fresh/Potpourri) under your front gate/door. Masterful quality recommended(or anti-nausea LTR). Fascinated(Science) only lasts 2h so you may wish to skip this scent.
4: This will be labeled as Astonishing Aroma, Breathtaking Balance, Commanding Complexity or Fabulous Finish
5: Snobs get an additional 5 points.
6: Transformed Werewolves get an additional 15 points
7: Entends to 2d with: Dirt Defiant LTR(Squeaky Clean); Clean Polymer Injection System upgrade(Very Fresh Clothing)
8: You'll want "Beautifully Decorated" for your party area. Play music(Improve speakers) and serve named party drinks. I also use all 3 incense holders(China/Egypt/France) and throw Masterful Floor Hygienators(CASable so they are less of an eyesore) under every door and chair(3 per location, each set to a different fragrance). I've had a Raging bachelor party and Killer fundraiser-fundraiser might need more decorating.

All competitions grant 900 skill points to applicable skills(riding, racing, jumping) upon completion.
During competitions Bladder, Hunger, Fun and Social are frozen for riders while Bladder, Hunger, HorseThirst, HorseExercise and Social are frozen for horses. Any other motive should decrease during competitions.
The only competition level that seems to be an issue is International, in my case specifically the Cross Country (horrendous) and Jumping (slightly less horrendous). For some reason the racing one seems much easier by comparison.
Based on []: Despite the fact 80/5=16(CompLength/LegTime from XML) there are only 15 legs in a race. Additionally traits(Agile/Fast) do not contribute the way they are supposed to. In general, for an international race you want maxed skills, a combined mood of at least 70 and you want to use "Take Risks" tone for the duration of the race. Not sure how they pulled actual code(wish I could do that)- I'm stuck with the simpler "pull data from packages" method.

P L A C EBeginnerAdvancedInternational
RacingJumpingCross CountryRacingJumpingCross Country RacingJumpingCross Country
320010010012660021050024214004101200 420
41008675106350164325202 900370850380
5757850 94175146150178450340400350
RESOURCE: EquestrianCenter XML Values for scores and rewards

RacingScore=[RidingValue+RacingValue]x15 + [ToneResultsPerLeg(15 of these)] - [ElderPenalty: 2x15] + [[HorseMood+RiderMood]x0.1]
JumpingScore=[JumpingValue+RacingValue]x15 + [ToneResultsPerLeg(15 of these)] - [ElderPenalty: 2x15] + [[HorseMood+RiderMood]x0.1]
Cross CountryScore=[[RidingValue/2]+[JumpingValue/2]+RacingValue]x15 + [ToneResultsPerLeg(15 of these)] - [ElderPenalty: 2x15] + [[HorseMood+RiderMood]x0.1]
Elder Penalty is only applied if participating horse is an elder.
Mood Bonus is calculated at the END of the competition.
The multiplier is applied to the tone chance rates. See next section.
Steady Pace80%10100%6
Take Risks50%8875%10
Go For Broke35%161652.5%10
X Chance is the success rate of the tone with the above tone multiplier figured in.
X Level is the Riding level needed for X Chance.
Basically the default for Go For Broke is a 35% chance of getting +16 vs a 65% chance of -16.
This is calculated separately for each of the 15 legs.
RESOURCES: EquestrianCenter XML                              Values for skills and racing multiplier
                  EquestrianCenter_0xf799f725a550f1eb XML  Values for tones and competition scoring
EquestrianCenter_0xf799f725a550f1eb also contains cost and duration of riding class, total and leg time for competitions and what motives to freeze.

Horse value is computed as follows
(PTRAIT=positive traits, NTRAIT=negative traits, JS=JumpStar, JSO=JumpStarOffspring, RC=RaceChampion, RCO=RaceChampionOffspring)
I am not sure at this time if it uses all the multipliers(JS,JSO,RC,RCO) or only one of each type(jump/race).
Stallion fee is 20% of total horse value.
RESOURCES: HorseManager_0x9d5c5a8e2d4751cf XML     Values for formula.
                  EquestrianCenter_0xf799f725a550f1eb XML  Stallion fee %

Standard mod warning: While most things are reversible backing up files never hurts. There are some mods out there which you cannot undo once added to game. Always read the details of a mod. All my mods come from Nraas or ModTheSims or were done myself.
There are mods available which edit EquestrianCenter(Wolfgurl685's scores and rewards) and EquestrianCenter_0xf799f725a550f1eb/ShowVenue_0xc08b72ec427dfeff(KVRadiation's extended hours). KVRadiation also has a mod which edits the horse trophies so they fit on displays(also shelves and fireplaces).
I've tried them myself and they seem perfectly compatible with my game(I have everything, fully patched, G4TW's ultimate fix). Currently all my mods are my own from editting extra Gameplay files with the exception of a few objects mods(I only edit ITUN and XML so far).
I've made races shorter(5 per night rather than 2), incremented riding skill for jumps with identical values and fixed class duration(base skills only take 60 minutes). My horses can dig but it never produces vegetables and my sims do not autonomously let a horse(which is perfectly capable of letting itself out) out of stall. I have KVradiation's trophy fix combined with Menaceman44's generations shelf fix(I can put trophies on shelves AND rotate them). I changed Aging so sims/pets live proper number of years(more or less) and removed CAS age stagger. If requested I'll try to figure out how to put them online.
If I could figure out how to get to certificate images I'd fix the EP5/7/9/11 certificates and try adding ones for ITF(Bot/AdvTech) and pets. Not even sure which file references the image as Skills only dictates whether a skill grants a certificate and has no field to dictate appearance.

The creators of s3pe without which I would never have obtained the technical numbers in my tables.
Drift9999 from Carl's Sims 3 Guide Forums for figuring out the competition details
Everyone on the Games4theWorld forum for making me feel comfortable enough to post my work.

If anyone has data which differs from mine let me know. All data here was generated with all expansions and store content, full patch to 1.67, and the ultimate fix applied.
Some data was pulled from packages while other information provided was based on gameplay.
I'm also interested in missing data... like HOW do you get the full 50 pt Charitable buff @.@ the max my sim was allowed to donate was $1000(30pt) and his funds were far from limited.
This guide is one of several, but the only one finished enough to post. It took several days of typing from memory and digging through packages followed by two days of hand typing html.

General Tips [also general "bugs" with solutions & university dorms and social networking]
Advanced Technology
Nectar Making

Admin edit: Moved to Tips & Tricks.



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Re: GUIDE: Horses, Riding and Competitions

Post by Adwomin on Thu 17 Jul 2014, 12:00

Hi there,

Thank you very much for posting this, I've moved it to the Tips & Tricks section! Wink

Bonsoir, friend.

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Re: GUIDE: Horses, Riding and Competitions

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Thu 17 Jul 2014, 19:52

I'd just like to add that this guide is very comprehensive...thanks for sharing it Taikira  Very Happy 

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Re: GUIDE: Horses, Riding and Competitions

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