EPs "May Be Damaged or Incomplete"

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EPs "May Be Damaged or Incomplete"

Post by MeeisLee on Tue 09 Aug 2011, 08:53

I downloaded all the EPs and Town Life Stuff from G4TW, but only Generations and Town Life are shown as installed in my game. I installed all the EPs (minus WA, but that's another issue) and completed the Installer Process. Now, I look at Late Night and Ambitions in my Applications folder and I can't open them because they "may be damaged or incomplete." Any idea on what the problem is? I followed the Mac Ultimate Fix Installation Guide and I used Stuffit Expander 2009.

Also, when I try to Install Late Night and Ambitions again from the Installer, it suddenly quits after I confirm for it to replace my previously downloaded files.


Alright, so tried the Installer again and instead of just clicking "Continue" on every window (since all previous info entered was still there), I clicked on the location to Install the app/ the location where Sims 3 was located (it is the same exact place I had selected before but somehow clicking it again helped). So after this it replaced the files and "successfully installed." Although, there was a warning that say it might be incompatiable because my base game was more updated "than expected." I didn't bother to update it and just kept going. So now Ambitions, Generations, Town Life Stuff, and Late Night show up as installed in my Launcher (I haven't actually played to see if it works though). And now I remember that I forgot I needed to finish torrenting the other SPs and seed. Heh >>.


Edit #2: Just thought I would update and say I have all SPs and EPs installed and working!

Admin edit: You're welcome. Have fun playing and feel free to contact us if you have got any more problems. For now, topic closed.


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