SIMS 3 Already Installed, What to do?

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SIMS 3 Already Installed, What to do?

Post by chiklee12 on Tue 12 Aug 2014, 03:12

Ok, first of all, thanks you guys for helping! Smile
My problem is, that I recently downloaded The Sims 3 from another torrent, then I found you and I'd like to download some expansion packs, the thing is I don't know if I can follow these steps to install them

Should I follow the steps and download both the manual patch and the Ultimate Fix? or Should I uninstall the whole game and start all over again?

(The Sims game that I downloaded included 3 Expansions, (Ambitions, Late Night and World Adventures) ) But I needed a crack to install all the whole pack. Is there a problem if I install the patch and the fix having already TS3? Help

Thanks in advance Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed


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Re: SIMS 3 Already Installed, What to do?

Post by Layloria on Fri 29 Aug 2014, 22:10


The patch is designed to help Sims 3 work without needing Origin or a CD. It is also made to help it run smoothly.

You can download any expansion packs with what you already have. Please only use the instructions with the Ultimate Fix not those in the expansions as these are outdated.
I would download the manual patch and the Ultimate Fix, apply the patch and the fix.

However if you do encounter problems such as ingame errors where some objects don't appear/invisible, then you may need to install Sims 3 from Games4theworld and all its expansions. Remember this is only if you have invisible items such as in CAS.

If you have any other errors, please tell us here as there may be other less drastic solutions.

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