Error during startup, please see log etc

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Error during startup, please see log etc

Post by rguest85 on Thu 11 Sep 2014, 17:15

Hi guys,

First off I wanna say thank you for the service you provide.

I am having the issue outlined in the title. A few details first;

-I have Sims 3 base game and Pets EP via Origin.
-All consequent xpacs and stuff packs were torrented via TPB.
-All EP and 'stuff' installed successfully, with the exception of Movie Stuff, which still asked for a disc (no matter, I know it's not causing the issue and I'll try another time).
-Followed instructions here, though my sims game is in the following folder (I did not move it from programs or origin games folder); documents/electronic arts/the sims 3. I don't know why they're saved here, honestly. It's a new computer so it wasn't from the EA->Origin switch.
-My basegame was fully updated before applying EPs, though I did try downloading your patch again, and the system advised me it was unnecessary (fully updated).
-Checked regedit for leftover keys as per this advice, the only one I figured would be there was Movie Stuff, but it was not, and no duplicates.

I'm kind of unsure of what to do at this stage. When the first few EPs were installed and applied, one at a time, I booted the game to check buy mode to make sure the content was available. As you can imagine, the loading screens got to me after a while and I went hell for leather installing the rest without checking. But I didn't at any point stray from what's really a standard installation procedure. Any advice?

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Re: Error during startup, please see log etc

Post by SeoY on Thu 11 Sep 2014, 17:32

Hello there, and Welcome to the Games4theworld Forum! Very Happy

One question. When you say "torrented via TPB", did you make sure that the torrents were from here? Wink

Supposing they are from here, the guide says that the Ultimate Fix must be applied to the installation folder of the Base Game. Remember that the folder that is in Documents (called The Sims 3), is not the installation folder. This folder is the one that has your content (saves, downloads, mods...), caches, and other things.

If your base game is from Origin, you need to copy the .dll and the .exe that are inside the #Crack folder in the Fix to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 3\Game\Bin

If you put the Ultimate Fix in the folder that is in Documents, please remove it from there and put it in the correct one, at Program Files.

Please let us know if this helped, good luck! Smile

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