Installing Sims 4 error: Setup .cab file damaged [SOLVED]

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Installing Sims 4 error: Setup .cab file damaged [SOLVED]

Post by Skarlett on Mon 27 Oct 2014, 10:56

Hey hey dear G4TW peoples,

Last week I downloaded the sims 4 torrent. When i tried to install it, i got an error saying 'setup' is damaged and cannot be used. So i thought it might be someting went wrong with the unpacking of the Sims4 file, so i unpacked it again but it still got the same error. Then i thought there might be someting wrong with the downloaded file, so i downloaded the sims4 torrent again and unpacked it again, but i still got the same error, only the number of the 'setup' file vary each time i try install it (so either 1, 2, 3 or 4 (never had 5 yet).

I'm not sure what the problem is. I hope you might be able to help me. I'll include a printscreen of the error (i'm sorry the installation is in dutch, so the error is also in dutch xD). 
I get three options when i get that error: Cancel, retry and ignore. If i click retry, it obviously retries installing, but will result in the same error. If i ignore i get the following error: FDI server error'. So the only option is to cancel. 

I hope someone can make sense of this Smile. Thanx anyway for your time Very Happy

PS: I luv G4TW
pss: i seem to have trouble uploading screenshots xd lol <-- Noob  
       it says could not upload file: exceeded total storage space (free space: 5)


xD oke.. Somehow i fixed it myself xD

what i did:

Instead of unpacking the file on my (D:) partition, i unpacked it on my (C:) partition. This fixed it and now sims 4 is installed on my pc. 
Can't believe this took me a week to figure out xD <----  still a  Noob

But G4TW thanks anyway for being able to post my problems here ^^
Hope someone has any use for this aswell ^^

Bye bye!

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Re: Installing Sims 4 error: Setup .cab file damaged [SOLVED]

Post by SeoY on Mon 27 Oct 2014, 16:38

Hi there, and welcome to the Games4theworld Forum! Very Happy

Thanks for telling us how you solved the problem! This can be helpful for us in case anyone else encounters the same issue.

Problem solved, topic closed.

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