Constant RAM increase until the game crashes. [SOLVED]

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Constant RAM increase until the game crashes. [SOLVED]

Post by kpackapgo on Thu 30 Oct 2014, 10:42

So i also have "random crashes" but they are not random at all the more i play the more RAM the game wants its like a **** up javascript site Very Happy it starts with 900mb of ram and after 10-15 minutes it already want 3.8gb and at that point the game just crashes. How can i fix that? (may be other people who have a random crash have the same problem but they haven't realized it...)

SOLUTION: I figured out what the problem was - it was the mirrors when the camera was close near the mirror in my house the ram increased constantly by 5-10mb per second at first i removed the mirror and this fixed it but just to be sure i turned off reflexions after that and now i can even have a mirror Wink

Helper edit: As you marked it solved, I'll close the topic now.
- SeoY


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