Sims 3 town not showing

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Sims 3 town not showing

Post by amylpine247 on Sat 01 Nov 2014, 06:44

Hi guys,

I have recently gotten sims, but when I went to play it didn't come up with any options or the town WhatDidUJustCallMe? . I have search and search but nothing is helping please hello me as soon as possible I really want to play!

Thanks, Amylpine247 Surprised


p.s I have mac

Mod edit: Moved to "Mac support".

- Carlos


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Re: Sims 3 town not showing

Post by Phoebe on Sat 01 Nov 2014, 09:37


Can you tell me which games you have? Only the Sims 3 main game? And where did you get it?

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