Another sims 3 problem

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Another sims 3 problem

Post by salandrala on Sat 20 Aug 2011, 07:00

I cant update my sims and ive put the cracks in the correct folders I'm not sure what else to do. The town life icon is fuzzy and when i try to update it says that theyre is an invalid file. I put all the cracks in their correct places (i did that part twice just to make sure) and still I am having issues. I was going to create my own thread but it wouldnt let me. So can anyone please help me. I just want to play the game

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Re: Another sims 3 problem

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Sat 20 Aug 2011, 09:33

The fuzzy Town life stuff icon means something did go wrong with cracking the game.
The invalid file issue while updating is caused by misplaced original files. Most files from the fix are not cracks, just the final one. You need to place these correctly before you can update the game.
Most people get confused with the Generations and Town life stuff files. Could you please show us a screenshot of the folder you copied these files and the crack to?

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