Sudden worsening of my graphic

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Sudden worsening of my graphic

Post by fapfapulous on Sun 16 Nov 2014, 01:34

Um, hello everyone. To explain my problem I will start with simple and short introduction, so uh... Let's begin!
Last year in August, I purchased a new laptop(Intel Core i5 3210M; 2,5GHz;  4Gb RAM; Nvidia Geforce GT 635M). The very first thing I did, was to install my The Sims 3 games, which I used to play on my older laptop(not a very sophisticated one). After all that installation, I was amazed by the game's smoothness and actually impressive graphic standards. All the edges were perfectly smooth and there was no sign of any unesthetic problems with it. It stayed like that til July 2014. I really enjoyed playing my game, what's more I was preparing a new house project I wanted to publish online so I thought I could do something to improve my graphics even more and make the outcome effect possibly closer to the pure perfection. The thing that annoyed me the most was that weird gleaming of objects that appeared with lights turned on. I wanted to get rid of it, so I looked it up in the Internet and found a very helpful tutorial(the one on simified). I did exactly as it said and everything worked out just fine. This strange glow was gone, nonetheless I've noticed something that really started to worry me. The general quality of my graphics got slightly worse and by that I mean the edges got jaggy, the details became blurry even though I had most of the setting on the highest levels. I decided to undo the tutorial and put the original GraphicRules file back in the Game/Bin folder. So I did. Then, I restarted my game again and strongly hoped the unpleasant effect would be gone. Unfortunatelly, nothing like this happened. I started panicking and I tried to find a reason of such issue. Most of you will say that I screwed up something with that GraphicRules file and these modifications somehow affected my graphic card. Well, I thought so too. However, on the day I used that tutorial I had launched my game for the first time after updating my Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and installing new graphic card drivers. In all that confusion and irritation mixed with fear, I made a decision to get back to my Windows 8(moreover, there have been some other problems with computer's performance after the update to 8.1) and I formatted my laptop and my Windows 8 came back. The next thing I did was to reinstall The Sims 3 and launching it. When all the loading screens disappeared I started a game with some random family. I waited a few seconds to see my sims in their house and then it hit me. The jaggy and sharp edges were still there! Nothing had changed. I've left my sims unused for a few months and a few days ago I wanted to play the game. Hoping all the annoying graphical issues magically vanished, I got tremendously disappointed. The game looked exactly like in July. I reinstalled my base and the expansions and - as you can suspect - that didn't work out as well. I tried changing the Nvidia settings, the game settings including checking the resolution and it all just seems useless against my problem. I'm helpless here.
I hope you were somehow able to understand what I'm trying to convey here and you will help me find a way to fix these issues.
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Re: Sudden worsening of my graphic

Post by Sim Architect on Mon 17 Nov 2014, 19:32

Below you can see an example of my settings when I play on windowed mode. You can see everything is on maximum (but I have a very nice video card).

"Advanced Rendering" and "Edge Smoothing" seem to be very important settings for your case. Of course, the "detail" options are related to those items details and the items will look jagged/grainy if they are set low...

I set to see 8 lots around me with high quality, but I may change it to less lots depending on what I am doing, if I want the game running faster, but houses around will look very crappy...

Also, try checking your graphic options on your graphic card driver software (NVidia Control Panel) and look into your directx options if you can, since you can select (somewhere, I don't remember exactly) between performance, quality or balanced, and the graphics will change a lot on the sense you mean at your post.

Please let us know if you got your problem solved and how, or ask for further assistance Smile

Kind regards!

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