CTRL + SHIFT + C = nothing happens [SOLVED]

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CTRL + SHIFT + C = nothing happens [SOLVED]

Post by Sugoiyo on Fri 05 Dec 2014, 23:56

Hello! Just trying to get a few extra simoleons to make a house for 7 sims, but when I tried to use the cheat command nothing happened. When I hold CTRL + SHIFT + C all that happens it that my Gyazo screen capture crosshair pops up to take a screen cap. But the prompt where you put in cheats does not. Halp please?

Thank you in advance!


Never mind! Figured it out! Gyazo's screen capture nonsense was interfering with the game's cheat prompt. All good here!

Helper edit: Glad to hear that! Problem solved, topic closed. Have fun!


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