Sims 3 Not Working.

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Sims 3 Not Working.

Post by aaron.tyskaa on Fri 26 Aug 2011, 03:47

Hey! I'm new here meaning I just created this account a few minutes ago so I could get some support help after reading all the instructions and doing everything they've told me to and uninstalling and re installing and following ev ery direction in the installation set up I'm not being able to play the game.

1st problem: when I open up the launcher, Needs update. I select the update and click the update button and nothing happens.

2nd problem: When I click the play button (without updating) the launcher automatically closes and there is a message saying the The Sims 3 Launcher has stopped working with a loading bar. the game loads up onto a black screen with a time glass cursor and then closes saying the program needs to be updated or it may crash with a Quit or Continue button and it crashes and needs to be closed or debugged.

3rd problem: when I put in the ultimate fix and clicked the play button because it was fully up to date, I get the loading cursor (time glass with no mouse next to it) ovver the launcher and I click the launcher again and get a message saying The Sims 3 Launcher has stopped working with either close the program or Wait for a response


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Re: Sims 3 Not Working.

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Fri 26 Aug 2011, 09:41

After applying the fix, your game should be up to date. Check that your base game is version 1.24, hover your mouse pointer over the base game icon the bottom left corner of the game launcher to find out.
If its up to date, try starting your game without the launcher. You don't really need the launcher to play the game anyway.

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