Custom Content not showing up :c

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Custom Content not showing up :c

Post by resinFiend on Sun 28 Dec 2014, 04:53

I've looked through the threads here and haven't found my problem that wasn't fixed by something I've already tried.

Script mods are working in my game. Mostly, one isn't, a pregnancy length controller, but I'm not too concerned.

No hair/clothes/items/building things are working in my game! Here's some screenshots of my mods folder and my .cfg:

Any ideas? Please say it's something dumb and fixable. Maxis hair sucks this time around :c


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Re: Custom Content not showing up :c

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sun 28 Dec 2014, 20:56

The pregnancy mod is a .7z file; what's inside it ? Normally, you must extract it. However, if there is a .py or .pyt file, just leave it that way.

Another user pointed out that you should disable laptop mode in the options for some hair to show up. Also, keep in mind that many clothing "CC" are only re-colorings of existing items. There won't be a new thumbnail picture in CAS, instead, you must navigate to the thumbnail of the "original" clothing and look in the color panel for the new patterns/colors.

But I'm not sure about the other stuff, sorry. I may look into that, but note I'm going to leave tomorrow on a vacation. Maybe someone else will get back to you in the meantime.


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