Map view vs. live mode: a few things to keep in mind.

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Map view vs. live mode: a few things to keep in mind.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sun 25 Jan 2015, 10:06

Hello all,

In this small tutorial you can learn about some in-game differences between the "map view" and the "live mode" in The Sims 3, and to what extent you can improve some gameplay mechanisms. I will also point out some specific in-game examples, for better illustration.

Live mode:

Map view:

One thing to note is that the "map view" will usually need less computer processing power and resources, compared to "live mode". And this leads to the first case study in this tutorial:

1) The saving "error 12".

Are you getting that error too ? Besides these tips here, you may even try switching into map view, and then try saving again. As the map view needs less processing power (more precisely: less RAM), your RAM doesn't get "overloaded" so easily, and possibly allowing you to save the game. Note that this is no 100% guarantee though. From my own experience, and when helping others on here too, I had mixed results. But it is an option, which you might want to keep in mind though, still.

The other cases appear to be more related to general in-game glitches rather than processing power issues:

2) "The firefighter glitch".

All the problems that are related to the firefighter carreer would actually justify a separate tutorial, but for now: are you getting the glitch in which the fire alarm (in live mode) "disappears" when you respond to it ? Switch to map view and click on the fire logo, see if that works. Again, from my own experience, I had mixed results from this, but you may still want to try that.

3) Diving area glitch in Isla Paradiso:

This time, it's the other way around. If you go into map view in Isla Paradiso (the world that comes along with the "Island Paradise"-expansion pack), and click on a diving area, and then on "snorkel/dive/swim", your sim might reset herself/himself. This means: try going into live mode and swim to the diving area instead. When you arrive at the diving area (in live mode), click somewhere on the water and choose dive/swim or whatever else you may like. This is an example in which live mode is better than map view. And this is a glitch I get myself all the time, and I "fix" this by not using map view.

The purpose of this small guide is to illustrate that you should try both methods, map view and and live mode, should you encounter in-game issues. If I find more examples, I might update the guide. While this "fix" is rather rare and works for certain in-game glitches, you may still want to give that a shot. Good luck. Smile   
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