Sims 3 (Mac) Installation Error University Life

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Sims 3 (Mac) Installation Error University Life

Post by shahanmol1 on Sat 31 Jan 2015, 05:45

I am a new user of this website. Recently I downloaded "The Sims 3 University Life" from this website's download page. I have the base game. In order to play the base game I need to download at least 1 EP so I selected Uni Life. Now, when I have everything and select the Uni Life Installer file a message pops up "The application 'The Sims 3 University Life Installer' can't be opened." 

I also looked at the guide of Sims 3 Mac guide and followed everything, yet its the same error. Please tell me what should I do.
I have also uploaded the image of error pop up. If any idea please assist.

Thank You!


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