Sims 4 for the Colorblind (and other programs on Windows too)

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Sims 4 for the Colorblind (and other programs on Windows too)

Post by Sim Architect on Sun 01 Mar 2015, 08:27


As a partially colorblind person (as about 10% of the people in the world), the new Sims version was driving me NUTS when it came to pick colors, since we can't pick a custom color using it's RGB or HEX code, neither have a tool to copy the colors/textures between objects. Mixing and matching colors on the new game was an almost impossible mission for me (and I am not fully colorblind, I just have a mild red/green problem), so I found a solution.

There's a free software called Colorblind Assistant (you can click the program name or here for the link to the page from where you can download it) that will show you the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Values, HEX Code/Number, Brightness, Saturation and the Most Common Name of the Color of the pixel your mouse pointer is pointing to!!!

I am very happy with it and I highly recommend it for colorblind and even some non colorblind people who would like to have this functionality added to your operating system. I just keep it running on my secondary monitor (or an empty space on my main one, if my game is not using all the space of the screen) and I am good to go!

Right now I tried it on my Windows 10 x64 installation, but I guess it works with any (or almost any) Windows version.

I hope this tip can be usefull to all of you!

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