Problem town life stuff. [SOLVED]

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Problem town life stuff. [SOLVED]

Post by Es_b on Sat 03 Sep 2011, 19:47

Hi !

Thanks in advance for your help Wink

I downloaded all the expension packs and stuff packs from somewhere else (i should have donwloaded them from here... but i just discovered your forum, my internet connection sucks and i can't afford to download them again... Hope you can still help me).

So i installed everything but town life (a few month ago). I think all is up to date ( with the last crack I have (1.24 crack, if this makes sense...) I put it on my base game folder, and nothing in generations folder. I just installed town life, i ran the game, i don't have anything from town life in it, i ran the laucher, the town life icon is still grey (and message : "it requires town life blah blah" shows up). But i'm sure i installed the game (the folder is here, shortcut too...). So i uninstalled town life, installed it again, same thing, so again uninstalled.

I'm currently downloading the sims 3 fix, what should i do ? I assume my situation is quite unusual, i mean, i didn't find this precise case in the forum. I don't want to do anything stupid, i'd just like to follow somebody's advice Wink

Thanks !

Sorry for my english WhatDidUJustCallMe? I'm French.


I just followed the steps and everything worked fine Smile Thanks a lot !

Admin edit: I'm glad it works now! Please let us know if we can help you with anything else. For now, topic closed. Wink

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