Ultimate Fix for Patch 1.57?

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Re: Ultimate Fix for Patch 1.57?

Post by chikabow on Wed 25 Mar 2015, 14:22

Today I downloaded and installed The Sims 3 (following the tutorial video on youtube from games4world)
Then I applied TS3 Patch 1.57 (I was afraid to update it to the latest, 1.67, because I used to have problems with it - game was very slow after latest patch update) So far I downloaded and installed 2 EP's - Generations and The University Life.

To follow the steps, I now must apply the Ultimate Fix but as far as I'm concerned, it works for the latest update, 1.67, am I right?
I am not sure what to do next, after I have installed the expansions (I haven't applied any cracks or anything).

Can I use the latest Ultimate Fix even with my 1.57 patch?
Previously I installed my Base Game, Expansions without applying all the cracks. After that I installed the latest expansion (Into the Future) and only applied its crack and it worked, but then I had the latest patch (1.67).

Plus, I am planning on using mods (mostly decor/furniture custom content) but I read somewhere about updating your mods? I don't really understand how it works, I just want my cc to appear in the game, even if I have the patch 1.57.

Can anybody please instruct me what should I do next?
THANK YOU in advance!


I downloaded and installed the latest Ultimate Fix, opened the #Crack file, dragged both files in the Game/Bin folder.

I ran the game, after a while this thing popped up:

I pressed QUIT, now just waiting for your suggestions. Thank you if someone can help!


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Re: Ultimate Fix for Patch 1.57?

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Thu 26 Mar 2015, 01:16


The way mods are (usually) updated is that you go to the sites where you got your mods from, and then download the newer versions of them - they should be compatible with the patch version 1.67 of the game.

And then you put those newly downloaded mods into your Mods/Packages folder. And overwrite the old ones (assuming the new ones have the same file names as the old ones). If the file names are different, you will have to wade through the old mods yourself and delete them manually at first. Afterwards you put in the new mods.

You are getting the message from the screenshot because of your outdated mods, so please take your time to update everything. Smile  Good luck !

Regards, The_gh0stm4n

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