The "Retro" music station in The Sims 4.

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The "Retro" music station in The Sims 4.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sun 29 Mar 2015, 04:30


Have you wondered about this here ?

In the in-game options menu, you find a hint about a mysterious "Retro" radio station. But when you buy the "regular" stereos from the buy-mode, you cannot seem to select those channels.

But there is a way to listen to that too ! In buy-mode, under Living room -> Stereos, select the "Venue Wall Speaker: Retro". As shown here:

After you placed that wall speaker, and clicked on it, you'll get this:

And you can listen to "Retro" now ! Have fun. Smile 

Additional note: as the description in buy-mode says, those wall speakers are primarily intended for use in venues, for simple "background music". Hence you do NOT get an option to skip individual tracks in such a wall speaker, unlike in regular stereos.
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