The game is BLURRY. [SOLVED]

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The game is BLURRY. [SOLVED]

Post by cipod on Tue 14 Apr 2015, 12:20

Installed the sims 4 and the sims get to work

It works without any problems just played for e few houers but there is something wrong with the quality of the game its all blurry, just the menu and all of that is ok but not my charachter and all the objects house etc ..

here is a screen photo attached 

please let me know how to fix this!


Ohh i fixed it, just had to change the options quality to medium instead of ultra

Mod edit: problem solved, topic closed.

- Carlos


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Re: The game is BLURRY. [SOLVED]

Post by Sim Architect on Tue 25 Aug 2015, 23:29

What he said.

Kind regards!

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