Detective career problem!

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Detective career problem!

Post by Keyenpeydee on Mon 27 Apr 2015, 04:52

Hi G4TW, I have my first ever many problem in the Sims 4 GTW EP!

Problem No. 1: So In my Detective Career, I was building a new Police Station for my Sims. I bulldoze the lot and build it. So All the sims including the criminals have been placed outside the lot. After Building it, The criminals won't go back to their Cell. So I was hoping that when I go back to the Police Station the Criminals where on the Cell.
So Sim Times went by, I Joined the sim in my Detective Career and saw the Criminals where not in the Cell, They're just Reading books and Socializing with the other Criminals. [Solved it myslef, Destroying the criminals by using debug mod and now they're now in the cell]

Problem No. 2: After Issuing APB in the Detective Career, The Suspect that I arrest does not come with me when returning in the Police Station. So, I Issued another APB and Arrest the same criminal. It does not come again with me. Issued another. The the suspect come with me. 

Problem No. 3: After Building my new police station, I can't interrogate the suspect. But on the Normal Police Station that maxis built can Interrogate the suspect. 

So I was hoping that I can post it to EA Sims 4 support to report the Detective Career Problem and they'll fix it to the Future Update. But I know the game was not on the Latest Update and It is Pirated. So I need a Permission to report this Problem on EA or maybe Just report it to G4TW.
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