cc package files not showing tried everything

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cc package files not showing tried everything

Post by manda3000 on Wed 20 May 2015, 15:41

hi guys i know this has been covered a million times but im really struggling now, ive tried everything twice and still my package files wont show up, ive only got a few mainly from simcredible website and they wont show in game..any ideas please..thankyou

ps, would i make a difference that my base game and a few others are saved and downloaded through origin not disk or download


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Re: cc package files not showing tried everything

Post by Sim Architect on Thu 21 May 2015, 20:23

Hi! How are you installing the CC? Are they .sims3pack or .package files? Are you installing them using the launcher after you copy them to the downloads folder (inside of "The Sims 3" at your "Documents' folder) in case of .sims3pack or are you copying the new files to the "Mods/Packages" folder inside of your "The Sims 3" folder inside of your "Documents"?

It does NOT make a difference if you have the Origin or "Installed from Disk" version, since Mods and CCs are supposed to be installed inside of your "Documents" folder and not your "Program Files".

Did you do any further preparation? Please let's know, so we can give further assistance.

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