Have orignial sims 4 trying to download outdoor retreat

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Have orignial sims 4 trying to download outdoor retreat

Post by buhnanners on Sun 07 Jun 2015, 21:34

Quick question, I have a legit copy that I paid for of sims 4 installed. I downloaded outdoor retreat on here, and I'm looking at the install instructions. Do I need to do the ultimate fix thing if I have an actual copy of the original game? I skipped step 2 and did everything else, but I see nothing having to do with outdoor retreat in the game. And if I were to do the step that I skipped it only has one of the vcredist things not both. If there's a thread explaining this already, can someone link it to me? Pretty much just need instructions on how to download this when I have the original game.

2. (If you’ve already done the Ultimate Fix in the past, you may skip this step)  After adding ALL of the installed game files to your anti-virus software’s exception list, go to the folder where you installed The Sims 4 to. If you installed Games4theworld’s version of The Sims 4, the default location will be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\ . In there, open the folder called “__Installer”. From here, navigate to vc\vc2013\redist. You’ll see two files called “vcredist_x86.exe” and “vcredist_x64.exe”. Double-click on them both and install them.  


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Re: Have orignial sims 4 trying to download outdoor retreat

Post by Sim Architect on Sun 07 Jun 2015, 22:27

I think you need the fix, or the game will check on line if you got the DLC and it will disable it. Sad


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