How do I install sim.packs from the exchange?!?!

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How do I install sim.packs from the exchange?!?!

Post by Popcornx on Wed 10 Jun 2015, 13:51

Ok, I have the sims 3 retail, and the late night retail.
And downloaded in this order
Sims 3 (retail)
Sims late night (retail) 
Generations (torrent)
Pets (torrent)
Showrooms (torrent) 
Seasons (torrent)
University (torrent) 
Island paradise (torrent)
Into the future (torrent)

I download sims to the exchange from my launcher, with my sims 3 account, but it goes to the download page and I select two sims to download to test it out, and I press download, a window pops up in the dock sims 3 into the future, I think it's the download application but it isn't appearing on the screen. I really want to download custom content in sims pack files!! :-( please help

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