Question marks in game textures - fix. [UPDATED ON 26-05-2016]

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Question marks in game textures - fix. [UPDATED ON 26-05-2016]

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sat 20 Jun 2015, 11:54

Hello again,

This small post will dwell on a relatively rare in-game glitch, that will look something like this:

Or this:

Or even this:

Should you be getting that error, have a look at any of your installed mods or custom content. What happens if you remove them all temporarily ? If the glitch still persists, are you sure you used the program WinRAR, for extracting the Sims 4 download (from Games4theworld) ?

Note that Games4theworld generally packs downloads into files in the .RAR file format. And you should use ONLY the program WinRAR for extracting the stuff. You can get the 5.21 version of WinRAR here (installation instructions are included in the download).

You should then un-install the game, and re-boot the computer. After that, re-extract the games downloads with WinRAR, and re-install the game.

Extracting with a different program can lead to data corruption, and even to glitches like the above. Though it seems that this type of glitch is rare, you should still always use WinRAR only. 

In certain cases, you may notice that these question marks only come up with certain Sims 4 DLC. In that case, you may not have to uninstall your entire game. You can try re-installing only that particular DLC then. As of now, the install order of Sims 4 DLC, if you downloaded from Games4theworld, is this.

1) TS4 Base game
2) Get to Work
3) Get together
4) Ultimate fix.

See also this topic here for the install order of items:

Re-apply the games/DLC in that order and you should be fine.

Despite that, it is possible that the glitch still persists. At that point, you should try re-downloading all items with a different torrent clinet. For instance, if you used "Frostwire" intially, then try using "uTorrent" now. And then re-extract again with WinRAR.

Good luck again !
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