Help needed getting Joy2Key working with a downloaded game

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Help needed getting Joy2Key working with a downloaded game

Post by HamPlanet on Mon 13 Jul 2015, 10:57

Hey again all, i just literally a few minutes ago posted this -

Now i need help with something else. I'll try my best to explain it. Just as i downloaded both Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 from torrents i also downloaded Alone In The Dark Illumination. Personally i don't care about all the terrible reviews it's gotten, i atleast want to try it out. The issue i'm having is that the genius's who made it gave it no controller support at all (*clap clap* really make sense especially considering it's a PC exclusive) I've tried my best but it's just impossible to play 3rd person shooters with a mouse and keyboard - you NEED a controller.

Ok now here is where it's get's tricky... i have SSF (that's a Sega Saturn emulator for those that don't know) and using Joy2Key i've managed to easily configure my Xbox 360 controller to work with my Saturn games just fine. Joy2Key works by making a controller emulate keyboard buttons so it was my only choice to try and play AITD Illumination properly and i'm positive i've mapped all the buttons correctly... basically done everything correctly but now the only problem is i can't associate Joy2Key with the game. That's something you have to do first. For example when i first got SSF up and running i made profiles for each of my Saturn games with the button combos in correct order but then i also had to associate those profiles with an actual application (ie. SSF)

Anyone who knows Joy2Key knows the easy way which is to run your program first, then in the options of Joy2key there's a thing that tells you to click on a button and it'll count down from 3 and whatever program is running after it's finished counting down it'll just use that and do all the technical stuff for you. That's what i did with SSF and it worked great... however when i tried doing that with AITD it just wouldn't work, it just kept coming back blank. There is also an option to manually assign the Application Path but i don't really know what to do there. Do i enter in the path to the mounted iso or the actual installation folder? As i said in my original post i'm far from an expert but im still 99% sure this is because it's a downloaded pirated game. Hopefully someone who's really knowledgeable about Joy2Key will see this and be able to help.

I'll include a screenshot too of what i was talking about where you have to actually associate your profiles with an application. Cheers.
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Re: Help needed getting Joy2Key working with a downloaded game

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Mon 13 Jul 2015, 15:40

Hello again,

I'm not familiar with that program, but in general, you are supposed to select the .exe file with which you start the game, as the "application path". And not the mounted .ISO. 

Is there a desktop shortcut of the game ? If so, right-click on it and go to "Properties". Under the "shortcut"-tab, look under "target". the file location shown there is the application path you need to select. Also:

I've tried my best but it's just impossible to play 3rd person shooters with a mouse and keyboard - you NEED a controller.

I guess this is a matter of perspective, and what you are simply "used to", rather than an absolute dogma. Smile  I myself played many shooters on the PC since the mid-2000s (in the beginning mostly Counter-Strike), with the good old keyboard and mouse.

I tried playing PVZ: Garden Warfare and Saints Row IV (both PC versions), with an XBOX 360 controller connected via USB, to the PC. I just couldn't get any grip on it. Saints Row IV may be easier to do (because of its very casual gameplay), but those mainstream multiplayer shooters...I myself just can't do it with the XBOX controller.

But then again, that's probably because I myself have gotten so much used to the mouse and the keyboard. 


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