Serial Code Problem, won't open Sims 3

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Serial Code Problem, won't open Sims 3

Post by zombiemisstake on Mon 13 Jul 2015, 23:02

Hi there

I already tried the help FAQ solution to the serial code request during Sims 3 launcher. It opens the launcher but refuses to let me download my CC, or even open the game. Read the other post on this up on the forum however I do have extension packs, since I'm greedy like that. Not sure what to do, spent all day trying to get the Sims to work since I've just got my new laptop. Could be my CC's, but they worked fine on the old laptop. I transferred them over - Sims 3 registers them but half are downloaded and half aren't, and it won't let me download them (same error).

Done the sims 3 fix, that wouldn't let the Sim's game open so I downloaded the manual patch recommended on the instructions, and now this has gone and happened. Just keeps asking for a registration code. I'm stumped. I would go back to my old laptop but it just can't handle big things anymore, plus it's like 4 1/2 years old and pretty much fried... So...

Please help! Thank you ~<3


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Re: Serial Code Problem, won't open Sims 3

Post by Sim Architect on Fri 24 Jul 2015, 11:26

Hi there! What do you mean to "download CC"?? Are you trying to download content from the store with a pirate copy of the game? I don't think you are supposed to be able to do that, sorry (I might be wrong, someone correct me please).

Please, to see if your game is properly installed, try to rename your "The Sims 3" folder inside of "Documents/Electronic Arts", then we'll see if the problem is with your old files or if you missed a step during install.

After, take a look on the page and/or video below to see what you're supposed to do every time you install the game. Oh, and check if you have all expansions you did before, since some CC may depend on them and/or break your game if you try using them without the expansions previously installed.

Let's know if you figured out what was wrong or if we can assist you further and how.

Happy simming!!

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Kind regards!

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