Hello Please Help (Sims 3 )

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Hello Please Help (Sims 3 )

Post by sheenaskittles on Tue 14 Jul 2015, 19:38

Hi Guys 

I am new here, I just started using my new mac book pro  and wanted  to download sims3 when I came across this site..... But Guys i am having some issues with starting the games.... 

SO here is how it all starts A friend gifted me sims 3 the CD and i installed it, it works well but i dont want to restrict myself to just the base pack and wanted to get the expansions and stuff so i came onto games4theworld got the torrent for town life and for Islands 

Once i downloaded town life i followed  the pdf that is on your website that has instructions for installation and it went off smoothly.... updated the game and used the ultimate fix as well... but i kept getting an error 

So i logged on to the site again and went onto the manual fix patch as well... but still an error .... can some one please help me... 

Oh yeah one more thing this may be the most silliest question ever and stupidest i guess but i am all muddled up and so confused and have struggled for weeks... "How do you run a patch??" see i followed the instructions however when i read other topics with answers i am totally confused.... 

Please can you guys help 

I am also attaching the error messages i am getting so you know what is going on 

SOrry guys 

& thank you will wait for an answer Smile Smile

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Re: Hello Please Help (Sims 3 )

Post by wataru2 on Sun 19 Jul 2015, 00:07

I've been told that a legit base game with torrented DLC may lead to issue. However you may try to fully install a torrented base game then onto DLC to see if it works. 

As for patching, I believe the file goes into the game folder directory. Unless it has an .exe file for you to install the patch, otherwise like i mentioned. 

To access your game directory RIGHT CLICK ON TS3 APPLICATION -> SHOW PACKAGE CONTENT -> drive c:/ -> Program files -> The Sims 3. The game directory may vary depending on your Sims 3 installation location, and the type of installation.

If you could provide a photo of what's inside your TS3 app, it'd greatly help!

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