Can't play as a household

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Can't play as a household

Post by Justan on Sat 25 Jul 2015, 13:28

Sorry, if the title is somewhat misleading, the problem i have here is simply that after I've created a family and chose them a house to live, i press play as household and it zooms in and then displays a white box (I'm guessing it's an error of some sorts, but i can't see any errors on the screen.)
I am still able to go and build / renovate houses and such, but i am not able to play as one. I've tried deleting / moving my saved games to desktop and starting a new one in case a corrupted savegame was the problem, didn't work.

Thanks and hope someone's able to help me with this.


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Re: Can't play as a household

Post by purrstorm on Wed 19 Aug 2015, 05:01

Have you tried updating your mods to the current version? They may be incompatible with your current game version. I had a similar problem and that fixed it for me.

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