Winewrapped Sims 4 won't open

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Winewrapped Sims 4 won't open

Post by ScarletTyler on Fri 07 Aug 2015, 11:20


I have successfully installed TS4 Base Game last night. It loaded and I got to play for an hour or so. After the GTW download has been completed, I decided to install it as well followed by the Fix again. When I tried to play again, TS4 won't open anymore. Tried to reinstall the base game several times [varying each try) with the fix, but I either get a prompt saying there are missing/damaged files or I have to update through Origin. Right now, my latest attempt just got me a bouncing icon that won't load.

Thanks for sharing the game, but please help me get back the game to running, even if just the base game.


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