mac sims 3 complete collection

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mac sims 3 complete collection

Post by silento2020 on Sat 08 Aug 2015, 13:59

so i cant seem to find the sims 3 mac downloads, i tried downloading the sims 3 complete collection but it didnt work and i think was meant for pcs only. I know i could try and make it work for my mac but it looks to complicated and i didnt want to have to run windows on my mac. Could anyone help me find a complete collection of sims 3 for mac? or at least the base game and all the eps, store stuff etc? thank you very much


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Re: mac sims 3 complete collection

Post by Webmaster on Sat 08 Aug 2015, 15:07


Yes, all our downloads are Windows-only, unless specified otherwise.
You can install our The Sims 3 Complete Collection on Mac OS perfectly fine, as long as you follow our The Sims 3 Mac Guide:
Ignore the few first steps and move on to converting the .DMG files. (Same steps for the base game and expansion packs)
The Guide will be updated in a few days time, so you can also wait a few more days for better instructions.

Alternatively, you can wait another month (maybe two), when we'll most likely release a special "The Sims 3: The Complete Collection" for Mac OS.



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