Missng Sims 4 DLC

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Missng Sims 4 DLC

Post by zappster on Mon 10 Aug 2015, 16:31


I installed everything perfectly and have been playing the game that I downloaded from this page for two weeks now. I am so bothered that the DLC's don't show up. I let it go during the first couple of days but I want it still. I just keep seeing the button on the upper right on the welcome screen that to view my new packs I should click that. 

I'm running on Wine. I don't have Origin. I have the pre-cracked version. The ultimate fix that I downloaded is the torrent version. I'm very much knowledgeable in these things, especially when I was still using a PC, because I never have problems with cracked programs except now.

Should I maybe install Origin? But I think that will be absurd because I really don't need it but I'm just trying to guess. The base game along with the other stuff is fine with me but it'll be much more exciting with the other packs. Please help! Sad


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Re: Missng Sims 4 DLC

Post by Sim Architect on Tue 25 Aug 2015, 22:59

Please, follow the instructions in the VIDEO below and download the stuff from the link in its description at YouTube.

It is more up to date and it should work. Let us know if you need further assistance or if you got your game working. Thanks!

Tea 5 Tea 5

How to Install The Sims 4 with Cool Kitchen Stuff, Spa Day and all DLCs (with torrent link)!

Kind regards!

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