Problems with base game DL & Town Life Stuff

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Problems with base game DL & Town Life Stuff

Post by Guest on Wed 28 Sep 2011, 06:59

Okay, so I downloaded the base game torrent and unrar'd it. I tried to connect the two .iso files and the resulting file did not work. I double click it and then double click the "The Sims(tm) 3 Install" and it says, "You can't open the application The Sims (tm) 3 Install because it may be damaged or incomplete." I was also going to attempt downloading the 5 files that were posted via megaupload and connect them, but everyone in the past couple days has been saying how it doesn't work, so I didn't want to waste my time.

In regards to the base game, if I already have it installed from a CD and just want to be able to not use my CD whenever I load the game, is there something else I can do since it's installed already?

Then my other problem is with the Sims Town Life Stuff pack, I downloaded the torrent, used the Disk Utility to make it into a .dmg file and then tried to double click the installer and nothing happens. Not even an error message. I have tried re-downloading and making into a .dmg again and still nothing. Is there something I'm missing?

I haven't been able to make any of the downloads on here work. I even tried the Late Night pack the same way with the exact directions given in the Installation Guide and to no avail.

PLEASE HELP! So lost...


I fixed the base game problem. Since I already had it installed I just took the files from in the Sims FIX folder (unpacked from the torrent.rar file) which is in "#Crack-->Town Life Stuff & Generations" folder (2 files) and applied those in the games "Contents-->Resources-->transgaming-->c_drive-->Program Files-->Electronic Arts-->The Sims 3-->Game-->Bin" and it loaded without a CD.

***I made sure to copy the two files in the games folder with the same names and put them in a separate folder on my desktop just in case because last time I attempted this with the files from the base game torrent I had to re-install***

It did give me a warning though that I had unofficial downloads that could cause glitches and I still pressed Continue and it works.

I still need help understanding what to do with the Sims Town Life Stuff Pack though. Do i place the contents of the folder somewhere within the sims folders? Since the installer doesn't seem to work (or is it supposed to be the general installer?). I thought it was a separate installer for that specific pack. Please some help. Thanks! Smile

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