After new update, cant play because of Origin message

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After new update, cant play because of Origin message

Post by HelloLove98 on Sat 29 Aug 2015, 17:48

I installed the new update that had just come out THE SAME EXACT WAY I've always have been instructed to do, even in the instructional video, and I made sure I didn't miss a step. And every time I did it the game would play perfectly...until now.

As soon as I click the application logo after installing the new update, instead of the game's window popping up as it always had, origin pops up instead. when I close it out, sims 4 takes about 2 minutes longer to load. when it finally does, its a black screen, then closes out, and gives me an error message saying that the game was unable to load because origin was not running in the background.

I tried fixing it like five times, nothings working; same result.

I'm getting a little upset, because I have a family that is in generation 4, and I worked really hard on that family and I'd hate to lose it  WhatDidUJustCallMe?

someone please help me fix it?


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Re: After new update, cant play because of Origin message

Post by Sim Architect on Wed 09 Sep 2015, 00:21

Sorry, but you probably missed a step in the video below (the PDF guide is outdated), specially something related on how you handle your anti virus (we do not provide anti-virus or operating system support, sorry), Windows Defender persists removing the crack if you do not exclude the right folders at the right time (before you even start downloading anything) as explained in the video.

If you only allow or restore the crack, the anti virus will remove it again after a while. Also, Origin has to be NOT running in the background (closing its window isn’t enough, you have to kill the origin.exe process) or, if it is, it has to be on OFF LINE mode at ALL TIMES you play.

Remember, this is a temporary fix and it may require some extra work than usual to work properly, sorry. We do not create the cracks, we just repack then and show how it is possible to run the game using them, so we’re not responsible for side effects on your computer or the game not working in some cases (even though we always try our best to help, of course).

Please keep us posted. Thanks!

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Kind regards!

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