(SIMS 3) Mirrors Causing My Display Driver To Stop Working

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(SIMS 3) Mirrors Causing My Display Driver To Stop Working

Post by andreannaj01 on Wed 02 Sep 2015, 05:44

Everyone has one solution to this issue and that is turning off the reflection graphic completely via options menu in game, however; I'm trying to avoid that option because I like having the graphics on due to how important I feel they are in the sims 3.

I'm new here.

I had a mirror called "Circo Mirror" if I'm correct. I do not remember which set it was from but I do know that I got it via TSR. It worked fine and was actually my favorite mirror. I used it in my bedrooms as well as my bathrooms.

In my new lot which I currently have two pets (cats) and four sims residing in, everything works and runs smoothly. You can go through the house no problem and there are no freezes and no lags. I noticed one day while working on the bathroom, adding the circo mirror to my wall, my screen flashed black and then it flashed back to normal with a message popping up that said "Display driver has stopped working and has fully recovered." so for a second I believed it was just a glitch until it happened again and again and again. So I restarted my game, and finally through all the glitching, I got the mirrors to place. For a few days the game ran fine and then when one of my sims went into the bathroom it happened again. I finally came to the conclusion that every time I went by that specific room on the lot, my game would become unresponsive, the display driver would stop working and my game would crash/freeze. I thought maybe it was just the circo mirror in general, since a majority of the rooms in my lot do have mirrors since I use them as not only an importance to a room but a decor as well. When I loaded my game after uninstalling the circo mirror through my launcher it worked fine!! I was so excited, literally jumping up and down. I could move my sims in and out of the room no problem and I could scroll past it with no issue Heeeeeey, Macarena .

So I decided to put a new mirror in there since it is a bathroom and I designed it to have mirrors. Well my friends, my screen went black and the little message popped up again. I was back at square one, however; my game wasn't remaining frozen or crashed. The new mirror I was trying to place was another CC mirror so I figured maybe it was just because it was a CC item. Nope, in game mirrors caused the same thing to happen Shocked

If I truly have to turn off the graphics, I will be extremely disappointed. I have the setting currently on just mirrors being reflective. Please, please, PLEASE Help try and help me solve this issue. Thank you so much for reading and if you do comment, thank you. Even if your advice does not help/work I am just as thankful for it as I would be if it did!! xoxo --Andreanna Jelly_2 I love you


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Re: (SIMS 3) Mirrors Causing My Display Driver To Stop Working

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Fri 11 Sep 2015, 09:56


The first thing that I think of is, to make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. Especially if it was no problem before.
There might also be a conflict with a different piece of cc or a mod that you added recently, so it might be worth looking into that as well.

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