Ultimate Fix application to Get To Work? [SOLVED]

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Ultimate Fix application to Get To Work? [SOLVED]

Post by necroberry on Mon 14 Sep 2015, 14:45

I realize the title is vague af but I will blame my current inability to English on the flu. What I mean to ask is whether I can run the Ultimate Fix (to the latest update 1.10something), even in the situation where I already have everything installed up to Get To Work, but haven't the faintest as to where exactly did I get said updates as I haven't touched the game in close to half a year. 

Would it be safer to just make a complete clean reinstall or try my luck as is first? If I do tr it as is, I'd prefer not to bork up anything as I have a legacy somewhere in there, and no space to make proper back-ups atm. I'm super sorry if this has already been answered, but I couldn't figure out what to actually search for since I appear to have issues wording things today. Thank you for your time.

edit: Also after checking the install instructions, I have to ask one more thing: if my game isn't installed on the C: partition, do I still have to move folders and all that stuff?

editx2: Nvm, went on a limb and did it anyway. It seems to be working just fine, for now... I'ma go start putting my Mods folder back in, one folder a a time and see how long it lasts.

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Re: Ultimate Fix application to Get To Work? [SOLVED]

Post by Sim Architect on Thu 05 Nov 2015, 18:30

Great to know you got everything working!

Sorry for my late reply. Since you say you solved your problem, I am closing your topic. Be welcome to open a new one if you need further assistance.

Happy simming!

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Kind regards!

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