Sims 4 Flashing While Playing

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Sims 4 Flashing While Playing

Post by ButterScotch Kisses on Mon 14 Sep 2015, 18:16


I purchased the base deluxe, get to work, and luxury stuffs versions of the game. I followed your new instructions with the YT video to add the remaining things I do not have to the game. Everything worked perfectly. The only issue I am having, and can not seem to figure out is when I am playing the game, it constantly flashes or flickers. I have shut down my PC and restarted, and it still does it. This did not happen before I added the cracked games. Is there something you recommend I try or I didn't do that could possibly fix this? Also another question is because I have the purchased versions, it still seems to create a folder under EA, and I had to add my mods to that folder for them to show up in the game even though I moved it and created a folder directly under Program Files 86/The Sims 4. Any reason to this or how to correct? Thanks for any and all help. 
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Re: Sims 4 Flashing While Playing

Post by Sim Architect on Thu 05 Nov 2015, 18:17

Hi! Sorry for my late reply!

Please, if you didn't already, update your video card drivers (directly from the manufacturer website, ATI or NVidia, not using the Windows Update).

Also, if it doesn't do the trick, when you play, right click the shortcut and select "run with", then pick your "good" video card (NVidia or ATI) instead of your on board Intel (if you have them, of course).

Otherwise, lower your graphic settings, try the "full screen windowed mode" instead of regular full screen, or even regular windowed mode.

Keep us posted if you need further assistance, and happy simming!

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