Some messed up bugs

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Some messed up bugs

Post by WulfyRoxas on Sat 26 Sep 2015, 17:34

Like ive posted in another section, i upgraded to windows 10, had an issue with TS4, fixed it and ive played it ONCE because im having some wierd issues.
Before anyone asks how i installed the stuff, let me give you the order.
1. Base Game
2. All folders of GTW
3. All folders of september 2015s ultimate fix

i played the game last night and it worked.
i havent tried some things to make sure i dont have a bunch of bugs, but i noticed quite a few bugs...
last night when i started, i made a family of three and placed them in the 3rd or 4th world.. whichever had a ton of empty lots.
i first started.. i made them a house, and added a stereo.
the stereo did NOT like me trying to change stations. it would bug out and be quiet for a few seconds and once, it didnt even change, it stayed on the current channel.
i had the parents skinny dip in the pool, and normally, when there is a naked sim somewhere, another sim wont walk in. well the son tried to come around and go in, and when i checked his Queqe or whatever its called, it showed the hottub and "Get in"
that was just reallly messed up.
i got bored really quick. the sims 4 used to be super uper fun for me, so i decided to go to the dad and open a retail store. i bought the biggest of the three and already noticed stuff.
when i clicked on some items to set for sale, when i clicked, it wouldnt open the options. i kept clicking and clickin and nothing happened.
so i tried to use the register. i tried to buy AD's and set prices, but everytime i clicked an option, my character, where he was standing, would suddenly turn into an "I" stance, and stay there for two seconds, then start acting idle like normal. the options i clicked on the register never changed.
i got reallly annoyed.
so i decided to use the bar in the corner and open the store (despite it was 4AM)
customers would come in. i would click them SEVERAL time and the options wouldnt open up.
once i did, i used Retail-methods to get some points and stuff. it worked, but it took him about 6 seconds to begin speaking to the person, even if they were standing next to eachother idle.
customers starting ringing up, and while i told him to do it, that 5-7 second wait was making customers leave.
it started not opening options again, no matter how much i clicked a sim. i was down to one pinging customer and i clicked him about twenty times, and when his options opened, i clicked to ring him up, and it didnt work. my sim, suddenly T-stanced, and his body stretched all over the lot. (the famous monster-sim glitch that alot of people found in the sims 2)
i got super SUPER annoyed and got off the game for the night, and was going to post this today.
i installed the game right so i dont understand why all of that happened.
also, the last time i played was june.
the new packs ive ran into were GP02, SP01,02,03.
i dont know what they are cause when i started playing it showed me the packs, but nothing felt different..
soo.. if anyone knows anything about these annoying bugs please help or at least share some info on if you have expierenced these things. What he said.

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Re: Some messed up bugs

Post by Sim Architect on Fri 23 Oct 2015, 23:29

Please, try renaming your "The Sims 4" folder inside your Documents, then restart your computer and play again (run the game as administrator by right clicking it directly in the folder it's installed instead of using a shortcut).

Try repeating the actions you mention above to see if the bug stays the same or if the game works.

Close the game, run it again (still as administrator), try the actions again.

Please, let's know what you got Smile

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Kind regards!

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