There was an error during startup. Need help.

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There was an error during startup. Need help.

Post by Boney001 on Mon 28 Sep 2015, 05:29

So I downloaded a cracked version of this game the first time, then found out it was modified so I couldnt update it. I came across this site luckily and found a download to an unmodified version. I deleted the first version i got by deleting the program files location and the documents location. Later i reinstalled the newer one from here and got the message There was an error during the setup. I found out that i didnt clear the registry keys, so i uninstalled and deleted the registry keys using the guide from the official EA games website. I restarted my computer to ensure a clean refresh of the registry keys, then reinstalled. Before i even touched the game, I downloaded the manual patch and ran it successfully. I then copied the cracked exe to replace the original. I ran it and i STILL GET THE ERROR. I have looked all over and i still cant find a thorough guide that takes me step by step on how to uninstall sims 3 OR get rid of the pesky error. Any help would be much obliged. Thanks!


I have read ALL of the guides here on this website multiple times, especially the one about how to properly install Sims 3.


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Re: There was an error during startup. Need help.

Post by Sim Architect on Fri 23 Oct 2015, 23:13

Hi! Sorry for the late reply.

Please take a look at the video below, it shows a good way to install everything "up to date" (as far we can with a "free copy" of the game, of course Wink ).

Tea 5 Tea 5

The Sims 3 Complete Collection:

Kind regards!

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