Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate [Windows Update FAIL]

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Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate [Windows Update FAIL]

Post by Turnus on Sat 03 Oct 2015, 07:23

It juuuust keeps checking. Its a clean flipping install, but is just keeps looking... Been waiting HOURS.

Edit: Many of my drivers are only available v.i.a windows update, if i cant get this working i wont be able to do anything with my laptop.

Edit2: after an 2 hours i recieved "Error code: 80080005"

Some dude on the MS forums posted this to another guy who asked about it.

Chances are that you're seeing the affects of a hijackware infection.

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Re: Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate [Windows Update FAIL]

Post by Sim Architect on Tue 20 Oct 2015, 12:06

IMHO, I'd install (NOT update, but do a full manual system backup and perform a clean install) Windows 10, unless you have a very specific reason to keep using Windows 7, as Microsoft tends to make things hard on the users that stay using it, being updates one of their easier ways to "force" people into migrating (they are even giving the upgrade for FREE, that's how desperate they are to get rid of old versions of Windows!)...

Please, keep us posted if you found a solution or if you just went ahead and started having fun with Windows 10 (I like it even for old computers, as long you have at least 1 GB of RAM you should be fine even with a single core laptop processor, I have one and it runs Windows 10 better/faster than Windows 7).

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