Not responding and Crash after the 26th october update

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Not responding and Crash after the 26th october update

Post by JINXSPR0jr on Sun 04 Oct 2015, 09:02

Hi, so i've been following the ultimate fix since January 2015
so the latest update on 26th october (where Windows8 disabled the crack game)
I came across a problem, the game starts but when in the welcome screen (the one where they show you your mods and "packs") when I click Close (X) on the Pack (mine is outdoor retreat pack) the game Crashed and Not responding
however the music is still playing and loop around!
Task manager can't stop this
the computer totally froze and I had to Sign Out on windows 8 to restart the PC
i've tried downgrade the file and reinstall the sims 4 again but the latest update are still unplayable for me!!

it you got any fix or help, please share it! thanks in advance, looking forward to your answerssss



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Re: Not responding and Crash after the 26th october update

Post by Sim Architect on Tue 20 Oct 2015, 12:03


First, I'd like to remember you should not update the game with origin if you are running any pirate version (or most of any other software directly from the software manufacturer, unless said otherwise by the cracker).

Second, you may be having problems with your sound drivers. Is your Windows 8 or 8.1? Did you do a clean install or was it upgraded from another? Do you have the Realtek Audio Card (very likely, since most computers and laptops seem to have their audio chips)?

To fix your audio driver (or at least try to), please go to your Device Manager, right click each and every audio device you have and select uninstall.

After removing all your audio devices (not only the realtek, but also any other audio device that appears on this list), you click the button show below:

After you have done that, please update your video's card drivers downloading the latest drivers from the manufacturer website (NVidia has audio built in for the HDMI, for example, I also believe ATI cards also have it for their HDMI to send audio with the video signal).

Then, try the game. Same problem? Rename your "The Sims 4" folder inside your Documents folder to something else and try the game again after restarting the computer (logging out is not enough).

Still having problems? Uninstall the game, and download everything, then install "from scratch" as instructed in the video below, which also contains the necessary download links (the video also tells you to handle your anti virus, which you should do even BEFORE downloading the game, or you may lose the crack).

How to Install The Sims 4 with Cool Kitchen Stuff, Spa Day and all DLCs (with torrent link)!

Please, keep us posted in case you got your problem solved or if you need further assistance. Sorry for the late reply, I have been under the weather lately and our friends in the Forum are also a bit busier than usual, but we're here for you, no worries!

Kind regards!

The Sim Architect

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