Base game compatibility problem + unabled to update 1.67

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Base game compatibility problem + unabled to update 1.67

Post by Cutiepie on Sat 10 Oct 2015, 17:14

Hi everyone [Be patient with me please, english isn't my native language and ]

I carefully search for a similar problem as mine on the forum but didn't found it so, i decide to open my own thread.

So, I play TS3 (with crack) since 2013 and never had any problem to install it or patch it (with G4TW ultimate fix and 1.67.2 patch). In may, I decided to re-install it on my external hard drive because i had for 22 gb of TS3 on my notebook, wich is a lot... So i did that and didn't had any problem until this 23rd september.
I was unabled to run the game. It said the base game wasn't compatible with my expansion games and asked me to patch my game via the launcher . I was annoyed but i thought it was just an accident in the register or something so, I uninstalled all the game and re-installed it (with the patch and the ultimate fix re-download here).
I solved the problem at this time and played the game again.
Then i didn't play the game for like... a week and decided to play it again today but I butt in the same problem again. It was saying again that my base game wasn't compatible with my expansion games and that I have to patch my game via the launcher... I unistalled the game again...

I don't understand what's happening right now with my game

I use to play with Late Night, World aventure, ambition, university, pet and cie, generation, showtime and season. Except Uni, pet (Fairlight)  and the base game (Razor), all my games werer download here.

I used to have the G4W base game but i never be able to install it since i always had trouble to switch between the star disk and the other one on deamon tool.

Well, i hope my english is understable and that you got the problem i exposed you  

Thank you for your help 

Edit : I tried to re-install it on my intern hard drive but when i try to patch it, it doesn't want to. I get this error code : 5011 0x80000ffff
I followed all the steps adviced here and even watched the video admins shared... I really don't know what to do anymore... Please, help me !


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Re: Base game compatibility problem + unabled to update 1.67

Post by Sim Architect on Tue 20 Oct 2015, 11:12

I thought I replied to you yesterday, but I think I did something wrong (maybe closed the window before pressing "send" Facepalm).

Please, uninstall the game, rename your The Sims 3 folder inside of Documents to something else, and follow the steps of the video below and do each and every manual update the same way I did there, to increase your chances of everything going right.

The video also has a link for The Sims 3 - Complete Collection torrent, besides a few other links to other stuff you will need for some manual updates and, if you want, it also has a link for the full store torrent.

For the crack to work you need at least one expansion newer than Generations, which is not your issue, but I'd like to remember you in case you want to install only a few expansions.

Please, keep us posted, and happy simming!

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The Sims 3 Complete Collection:

Kind regards!

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It was nice being here. I will be away for a while...

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