Unusual problem with mods...

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Unusual problem with mods...

Post by basketcse40218 on Thu 22 Oct 2015, 04:14

HI, you guys are great. Have not posted here but once because I've had no problems until now. Got a new computer. *groan* Win 10 and put the game back on along with my tried and true mods and downloads. Worked fine on Win 8.1. 

Game would not recognize any of it but it played no problem. If I installed each dl again, it worked. However, no dl folder appeared in docs. No packages recognized at all. Backed up and did some testing. Used the super patch, all fixes again, and tried. Still did not recognize a mod folder. I did notice on Win 10 that it was trying to place this Sims3 docs folders everywhere, under PC/doc and PC/users/me/docs/ and into the cloud. I did a weird thing and removed them all, then started the game. You are not going to believe this, but the game started without a documents folder AT ALL.

Your patch works too good now. Any help here to get my package mods working? Game won't be the same without them.


Slept on this. Before this makes your eyes cross like mine, I found this issue. It's the One Drive cloud. It keeps auto-backing up and throwing crap right back in when I take it out. On Win 10, guess it doesn't matter which docs folder you use. Doesn't have to be in Docs/user/me/Electronic Arts... Can be in any docs folder.

And FYI, I was having trouble using your complete collection, I remembered it kept saying there was an issue with installing the docs folder. I installed the way I had previously and it worked except for this issue. I'm not really a cloud person and have yet to figure out how to stop the auto stuff. I like having control!

So, the stupid cloud parted and allowed my mods to work. Thank the heavens! lol

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Re: Unusual problem with mods...

Post by Sim Architect on Fri 23 Oct 2015, 21:50

Great to hear you found the problem, I was going to tell you that OneDrive was probably messing things around!

You can right click your "Documents" (the "main" one), and it will have several locations that you can order by preference and, also, there is a place where you tell the system to "save into this folder" by default, then you pick the one you want.

A tip, if you have an SSD, having your Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 3 folder in it will make a HUGE performance difference, specially since you mention you like mods and downloads!

Take a look at our complete collection, by the way, and the full store uploads, you might find them useful, I made a video where I show myself installing everything and I put the links together Wink

The Sims 3 Complete Collection: https://youtu.be/oTx-Swi2YV0

Kind regards!

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