Apology to Carlos.

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Apology to Carlos.

Post by rievna on Sun 25 Oct 2015, 12:52

I want to start with a different apology, that being, for posting this publicly. I attempted to reply to the thread but it was quickly closed, I was banned upon entering chat before I could type, so unfortunately I have no way to get this to you but by attempting the email option and posting in the complaints forum.

Here is the content of the original apology:

"I too will be brief: I apologize for letting my tone get curt. I was frustrated because I had been dealing with the issue all night and because I had read multiple forum posts and done testing at length before I went ahead and made a post myself, however I get that might not have been clear from my initial post. It was wrong to allow my frustration to be aimed at you, who were only trying to help and do good work for the community. Sorry for that."

//MOD Edit: Changed the title to match the content.

-Sim Architect


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Re: Apology to Carlos.

Post by Sim Architect on Sun 25 Oct 2015, 13:04


First, I banned you from the chat, not @Carlos, because you came there and did not say anything after several minutes and after with ourselves welcoming you, which sounded to me like a stalking move, considering your previous posting history.

Glad you are apologizing for your condescending tone to Carlos. It is important for us to make ourselves clear when we make mistakes and I am glad that you did not want to hurt him as it could have been understood.

So, I am going to edit your post title and move it, since it's an apology and not a complain as far I can understand, right?

Please, take a look at Carlos history in this forum and see that he is VERY hard working and VERY nice to everybody. We are voluntary people working for free, and I have to say that we do quite a better job than EA at a lot of times.

So, all said, I am sure that Carlos will probably post something after me on the subject, and I am thankful that you saw that you made a mistake and that you don't want to hurt him.

Also, you were banned from the chat only because you appeared to be stalking instead of participating there.

We'll lift your ban from the chat eventually, don't worry, your future history will show us your real intention.

Meanwhile, let's all have some tea and relax!

Tea 5 Tea 5 Tea 5

Kind regards!

The Sim Architect

It was nice being here. I will be away for a while...

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Re: Apology to Carlos.

Post by Adwomin on Mon 26 Oct 2015, 18:51

@rievna wrote:It was wrong to allow my frustration to be aimed at you, who were only trying to help and do good work for the community. Sorry for that.
Very mature of you, thank you for posting this!
Spread love instead of hate.  I love you Cookie from Carlos

Bonsoir, friend.

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Re: Apology to Carlos.

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