Black silhouette where sims should be in CAS?

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Black silhouette where sims should be in CAS?

Post by elocineriam on Mon 26 Oct 2015, 20:54

I just downloaded everything and finally got it working after the dynamic library struggles. And everything loaded up great, was super excited. And then I opened create-a-sim and...all I have are black shadows in the shape of sims. I can do everything i should be able to do, drag their bodies around and change the shape and hair and clothing (can't see the clothing either, just the shape of it), but nothing loads. There is also a rainbow like square that they spin on. Asides from this, everything else seems to run normally.


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Re: Black silhouette where sims should be in CAS?

Post by Sim Architect on Thu 29 Oct 2015, 23:42

Welcome to the Forum and sorry for the delayed reply, I did not see your post before, sorry.

It sounds you are having issues with your video card (driver). Please update your video card driver by downloading it from the manufacturer (NVidia or ATI). Also, be sure your operating system is up to date as well.

After updating the driver, if you still face the issue, try right clicking your game icon and selecting "run with" your "good" graphics card (NVidia or ATI) and not the onboard intel.

Please, keep us posted if you got your issue fixed or if you need further assistance.

Happy simming!

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