Question relating to Sims 3 download manager

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Question relating to Sims 3 download manager

Post by Calia386 on Mon 02 Nov 2015, 00:01

I wasn't quite sure where to ask this question and I didn't see it answered anywhere unless I missed the post. I recently downloaded the complete Sims 3 off your downloads page so I have all expansions and stuff packs. I followed all instructions for all the downloads and when I was finished, I used the ultimate fix to patch it all together.

Now my question is with the Sims 3 download manager and the Sims 3 store items. I followed another post to make the Mods folder and did all that for the package files. I have some Sims 3 store items and though many go into the game and are recognized, some of them I download won't install through the launcher because it says I need the most current update, but the game is already the most current version.

I was wondering if there is something more I can do to get the launcher to recognize the downloads? Thanks


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Re: Question relating to Sims 3 download manager

Post by Sim Architect on Wed 04 Nov 2015, 01:01

Interesting... Please take a look at the video below, where I have links to all the updates and store content. Maybe you could try using them to update your base game and your expansions, then reapply the fix Smile

The Sims 3 Complete Collection:

Tea 5 Tea 5

Kind regards!

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