Would be The Sims 4 (from G4TW) the reason I now have a motherboard problem (virus?)?

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Would be The Sims 4 (from G4TW) the reason I now have a motherboard problem (virus?)?

Post by monggu on Wed 11 Nov 2015, 02:34

sorry if this is stupid and sorry if this isn't the right section (very new to this site) but anyway on my old laptop i had the sims 4 from G4TW but after a week or two my laptop stopped booting up. i took it to a dude who said it was the motherboard and he couldn't get into my computer at all due to the motherboard not working. could they be related? can viruses do that to motherboards? (i don't know much about viruses and how they work eeek) i put the files in the exceptions list but of course that doesn't get rid of viruses it just doesn't detect them. i thought if it was related more people would have the same problems as me but i can't see anyone else saying about it but the timing has got me thinking i didn't have problems before this either just around the sims was installed

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Re: Would be The Sims 4 (from G4TW) the reason I now have a motherboard problem (virus?)?

Post by Sim Architect on Wed 11 Nov 2015, 04:25

Hi! Viruses CAN damage hardware, not only software (to a certain extent, like "frying"your HD by saving 0's and 1's alternatively on some specific areas of your hard drive, for example. Not sure your mother board can be damaged by a piece of software, though (maybe @Carlos knows better to tell us), since there are lots of hardware protections against overheat and other things that I don't believe can be overrun by software (unless your BIOS is contaminated, which is not a usual place where viruses go to).

Was your laptop old? Maybe "forcing the machine to its maximum performance" for a long time could make it show a defect that was "almost ready to show", like an old light bulb when you have a 130V power surge, instead of the regular 110V, chances of it "burning" are higher, since you are requiring more performance and it's heating more.

If you got everything "from us", you should be safe, though, since we "all" tried those games ourselves in our computers (at least for a couple of hours, in my case) without major concerns or virus/malware symptoms.

Microsoft and other Anti Virus manufacturers are making money with "anti piracy terrorism", meaning they will say a pirate software is a virus (or contains one), so people will get scared and buy the original (paying for it), specially when they don't know much about the subject.

Of course, if you can afford, it's always better to buy original software, since you will follow "standard protocol" to install it, updates will come, you won't need to follow long lists of steps to get everything working properly.

But, sometimes, you can't afford it, or you just want to try it for a little bit (they were offering Sims 4 for free, original, on GameTime at Origin, 48 hours to play/test the game, then you could remove it if you did not like it, but no expansions at all, of course).

I, honestly, own Sims 3, but I prefer to use the Games4theWorld Complete Collection, then I type my serial numbers (or even use the pirate ones, not much of a difference), then I log in with my EA/Origin credentials in game and use the game better than I would if I downloaded everything through Origin and had to deal with different folders, corrupted files etc. Of course, few are exceptions like this, but they are really nice, and the staff here really did a brilliant job with Sims 3!! Dedicated to Carlos 

Please, keep us posted on your history, and let's know if we can assist you somehow in the future Smile

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Kind regards!

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