Sims complete collection won't install/uninstall

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Sims complete collection won't install/uninstall

Post by radsoul on Fri 20 Nov 2015, 02:45

So a while ago, (like a year ago) I had downloaded the Sims Complete Collection off g4tw. I uninstalled it later on in the future. 
I redownloaded it a couple days ago and everything was going okay but after I had entered the serial code for the game it froze. I tried to restart the setup again, and when I do it starts loading and then says "unknown error, aborting". I deleted the files and redownloaded it, and it still didn't work. I then went into my programs and the sims complete collection was in there(from when the game froze after the serial code was used), and when I try to uninstall it, it again says "unknown error, aborting". 
Ive ran it as admin, used the eraser tool, deleted and redownloaded the torrent, moved the files onto my desktop into a new folder, gone through the setup folder and rebooted my laptop many times. It still says unknown error. I'm probably missing something obvious, but this is driving me insane. Thanks for reading this mess.


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Re: Sims complete collection won't install/uninstall

Post by Sim Architect on Tue 24 Nov 2015, 13:16

Try updating your video drivers, also, (re)install visual C++ (x86) 2007, 2010 and 2010 runtime, also the .net framework 3.0 and .dnet 3.5. DirectX would be nice too, and Java both 32 and 64 bits s always nice to have Smile

Kind regards!

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