General information about TS4 fixes/tips & how to submit them.

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General information about TS4 fixes/tips & how to submit them.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Mon 23 Nov 2015, 00:58


Regarding "The Sims 4" on the PC/Windows platform, you can find a number of troubleshooting guides/tutorials in the following forum subsections:

Arrow  The Sims 4 Fixes: this subsection is primarily intended for more technical guides related to the game.

Arrow  The Sims 4 tips & tricks: and this subsection focusses more on in-game related (non-technical) stuff.

Please note that the posts in these sections are meant to be read in the first place; the posts are not meant to be used for actual discussion of problems. If you still need support, feel free to use the search function or open a new topic in either the TS4 in-game support or in the TS4 Downloads support. The former is for in-game related issues, and the latter is for technical questions.

Note that the Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to delete any questions or discussion posts from the TS4 fixes & TS4 tips sections. You can still post "thank you"-notes in these sections, but other than that, if you have specific issues or need support, please open a new topic in the appropriate forum section straight away.

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As a normal user, the permissions have been set in a way that you cannot open new topics in the tips/fixes sections on your own. 

However, you can also submit guides or tutorials, by posting them here in the TS4 chit-chat first. Give some sort of indication that you would like to see the guide added to the official sections (either TS4 tips or fixes). The Moderators will then evaluate the guide. However, please keep in mind that the Moderators also reserve the right to reject submitted guides in certain cases, if they are deemed either incorrect or otherwise "unpractical". Even if something works for you, it does not necessarily have to be practical for other users. One theoretical example of an "unpractical guide" could be that the disadvantages of a procedure outweigh any advantages that you can gain from it. If you're unsure about that, feel free to open a new topic or contact a Moderator via PM or e-mail, about the idea that you have. 

Thank you for your attention. Smile

P.S. please also acknowledge that Games4theworld currently CANNOT give support The Sims 4 for Mac OS users, hence we cannot evaluate any guides/tutorials submitted about that either. See my announcement here.

Mod edit (07-01-2015): topic has been moved to "The Sims 4 tips & tricks".

- Carlos
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