Mac Torrent

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Mac Torrent

Post by ditzyyay on Thu 26 Nov 2015, 03:33

So I've been trying to download the game and I've downloaded two torrents, the PC one from GftW, and another one specifically for macs from a different source. I've been following the guides but nothing works for either of them. There is no The Sims 3 Installer, only The Sims 3 which says "unknown error occurred" whenever I try to open it. My question is; is there still a mac version for GftW? Every link to one shows up as a deleted file and there is no mac torrent connected to GftW's TPB account. I assume all of the guides for the GftW mac version are for the GftW mac version, but there doesn't seem to be a GftW mac version anywhere. Am I just completely missing something?

Thank you


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Re: Mac Torrent

Post by Persee94 on Thu 26 Nov 2015, 16:47

Hello @ditzyyay ! I guess the G4TW's torrent is useful for the both systems, just follow the Topic on how to create .dmg files here: . And try to mix this topic with the main topic on how to install The Sims 3. It's a little bit difficult to find the right way... But they said that they would post a brand new topic for mac soon so... (Sorry for my english, I'm French.)  
Also, to create really fast the .dmg files --> . (You will need it. Really.) 

Then, I have a problem of freezing in CAH but I don't know if you will be faced to this problem so... Try it and good luck ! Good job!Good job!


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